How We Got Started

My inspiration for Timeless Designs came when I was 9 years old walking down the aisles of Hallmark and Papyrus, and I said to myself. "If it isn't broke and it sells" "Don't fix it, but it can be made better". So I went down the aisles looking at the cards and I said, "There is not enough cards to express what you want to express freely , but still deliver the emotion, the messages and the feeling of what you're looking for. Then again, I started playing with watercolors, mixed media, and photography, along with illustrations and graphics to get a sense of what I want my products to look like and that's when I started scrapbooking at an early age. It really stuck with me, along with doing DIY projects, greeting cards, invitations, playing with gift boxes, ribbons, fancy designs and unique patterns to get that look that I wanted for my greeting cards. At Timeless Designs, most of my products are made with creativity and uniqueness to appeal to the customers to give that "WOW" factor, where people want to buy and still be happy that they found something that appealed to them. Where they say to themselves, "This is pretty good", and that is what makes me happy as a designer. Just to see your work in magazines and stationery shows and studios where people can remember your work for a lifetime. However, when you sell your work , it becomes a treasure, a keepsake and a memoradum where people want to keep your work for a lifetime. That is how want my products to be, when I design for my customers. Always remember, a good design speaks for itself.

Yours Truly and Warm Regards

Patricia Seignon

Head Designer and Owner of Timeless Designs.