Terms & Conditions

Timeless Designs is a greeting cards company that is based solely on having their members use the site for positive use of products and services. Then again, anybody can use the site to purchase cards and invitations to have their products reflect the highest quality and professional design which is mainly for professional use when it comes down to buying services and products for baby showers, weddings, parties, anniversaries and events. However, when people use our products and services, we want our members to take respect in knowing that we create our products and services for personal use. However nobody can use our website for any illegal uses, such as infrigement, negativity, stealing, copying, or any thievery that involves taking our services and artwork using it as their own. Anybody who is involved in copying, stealing, and infrigement will have to pay a $500 fine, because their are so many thives out there who take other people's work and use it as their own without the though of giving credit to the person who created the products and the artwork. We are a reputable and respectable website that offers our shoppers and members the ability to shop and enjoy the benefits that our website offers in terms of shopping, discounts and services being offered on Timeless Designs. com. We want to make it a fun and enjoyable experience, where people can enjoy themselves and still look at the beautiful wonderful designs that we can give them at a reasonable and affordable prices, where they still get the high quality professional designs that they love, but still pay a reasonable amount of money. This site, artwork and content is copyrighted and solely the property of Timeless Designs.